28 May 2019

The Bluegrass Standard for mobile or desktop

The Bluegrass Standard online magazine (also on Facebook; see the BIB for 6 Feb. 2018), launched by Keith Barnacastle in June 2017, now offers special editions tailored for mobile and desktop devices. It also has an online catalogue of back issues, which readers can easily search for coverage of their favourite artists. And subscription is free! Full details are on the Bluegrass Standard's latest e-newsletter.

Update 28 May: This news, first published a month ago, is now updated with the issue of volume 3, no. 6, which has the Earls of Leicester on the cover and much more inside. The Bluegrass Standard's new e-newsletter includes a world map showing the extent of the readership, to which the British Empire at its height might have given best.



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