27 April 2019

Interview with a Scroggdog

Tomorrow (Sun. 28 Apr.) will mark the start of the debut tour by the Scroggdogs (left), led by banjo maestro Jeff Scroggins, when they play at Ballinvreena Community Hall, Martinstown, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, in a double bill with Greg Blake.

Yesterday Bluegrass Today published an interview by Dave Berry, in his 'California report' series, with Zach Sharpe, bassist with the Scroggdogs, who says of the band:

I’m really, really, excited to play with these folks. It’s hard to describe the amount of funk, aggressiveness, unity, and full throttle that these guys bring when we all play together.

Tomorrow night, and all the other dates on the Scroggdogs' schedule, should be quite something. There's much more in the interview, well worth reading.

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