07 April 2019

The Scroggdogs revealed

On 21 March the BIB reported a new venture by Jeff Scroggins (USA) - known here as leader of the powerful and exciting band Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, and featured on the cover of the Jan. 2019 Banjo News Letter. A long, rewarding interview by Dave Berry on Bluegrass Today had revealed that Jeff is preparing a new band of West Coast ace musicians to tackle a wider-ranging repertoire - the Scroggdogs (above).

The name was chosen because, Jeff says, 'in California everyone calls me "Scroggdog"', and no other name for the new venture seemed to be as right. The photo shows Jeff (centre) with Scott Gates (mandolin), Yoseff Tucker (guitar), Jan Purat (fiddle), and Zach Sharpe (bass). Expect some exciting news about the Scroggdogs in the very near future.

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