14 April 2019

Preston Thompson

John Lawless on Bluegrass Today announces the sad news of the death of master luthier Preston Thompson (left), founder of Preston Thompson Guitars, who had earned a reputation for top-quality instruments. The list of artists using Thompson guitars include several who have played in Ireland, as well as Brandon Bostic, guitarist on Dan Eubanks's latest recording. Fretboard Journal also publishes a tribute, and draws attention to a 2015 podcast interview.

Bluegrass Today has also published a Tony Rice tribute by young guitarist Grace Constable, playing 'Church Street blues' on her Thompson guitar.
A recording of a three-quarters-of-an-hour telephone interview by Jan Johansson with Tony Rice can be heard on Bluegrass Today and YouTube. The range of subjects covered is wide; what is said about the dynamics of ensemble playing should interest any band member.

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