15 April 2019

Old-time festival guide, jam guide, and more from OTC

As reported on the BIB on 19 Mar., Oldtime Central (OTC) is 'a central, online commons that supports local oldtime communities by providing a wide range of content, archives, news, forums, links, and opportunities to connect'. It is founded and operated by Ben Smith and Richard Osban.

OTC's April newsletter introduces their Festival Guide, listing 200 events and also downloadable as a pdf file. The newsletter also includes links to the latest OTC features - musician profiles, lessons in playing tunes, articles on issues in old-time music and dance, and more.

The website has a 'Find a jam' page with a location map of old-time jams around the world. Eight events are marked in Ireland; some of these may need to be updated and no doubt additions could be made if OTC received the necessary information.

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