06 March 2019

New April Verch album available for pre-order

Fans of classic country music, as well as the many friends and admirers of April Verch (CAN), will be glad to learn that April's latest album Once a day (due for release a month from now) is what she describes as 'my heartfelt homage to 1950s and '60s Classic Country - it's a love letter and a thank you letter all in one, to an era of music that has always been a huge part of my life'. Moreover, it can now be pre-ordered from her website; doing so entitles the buyer to added goodies.

Full details and links are on April's latest e-newsletter. She is scheduled to tour on this side of the Atlantic in July 2019; but in Estonia and Finland, not Ireland.

Update 12 Apr.: April announces the release of Once a day in this month's e-newsletter.

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