11 February 2019

Stelling Staghorn wanted - by whom?

The BIB editor writes:

The following anonymous message has just been received in the form of a comment on the BIB's headnote:

I am trying to find someone that has a Stelling Staghorn
if you know of anyone can you give me a number or email mail thank you

I can't reply, unfortunately, because when a message comes as a comment it bears no address. This is why the BIB's headnote says 'Send in news or queries by e-mail, please; we can't send a direct reply to a comment on a post.'

There must be at least one Staghorn somewhere in this island; but an owner might be reluctant to have contact data given out to an anonymous enquirer. So please - if you're the person looking for a Staghorn, send me by e-mail your name and address; and then anyone who may have one can get in touch with you about it.

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