20 February 2019

Stelling Staghorn - for sale

The BIB has received no further message from whoever wrote in search of a Stelling Staghorn banjo (see the BIB of 11 Feb.), but thanks to Brendan Emmett for this response:

I have a Stelling Staghorn dated October 1st, 1976 - serial number 198. Bought from Fretted Instruments in Birmingham, Alabama, a long time ago 😁. It has two Keith tuners and a Fishman pickup and sounds wonderful, and a new TKL case - old one fell apart. I am looking for €3,500 which I think is a fair price. If anybody shows interest I will be happy to e-mail them.

Will anyone interested please e-mail the BIB editor; the message will be passed direct to Brendan.

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