25 February 2019

Horsenecks: new duo album on the way

The Horsenecks (USA/UK) made a powerful impression here two years ago in a five-piece band format with their successful mix of "hard-hitting and heartfelt old-time and classic bluegrass music", so it's good to learn from the FOAOTMAD news blog that a new Horsenecks album is in preparation. This album, however, will feature the core Horsenecks duo of Gabrielle Macrae and Barry Southern (photo). Gabrielle writes:

We'll be recording traditional old-time tunes as fiddle-banjo duets with clawhammer and three-finger, rare songs, some ballads, and a few of our originals in the Old Time genre. We're going in as a duo this time, so it will be a bit of a departure from our previous two albums, which were recorded with a full band. We're really excited about the momentum we've felt around this project [...]

To help raise the funds to cover recording, mixing, mastering, and printing costs, the Horsenecks have set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which has so far raised half of the $3,500 flexible goal (the campaign will receive all funds raised even if the target is not hit). For more information, Gabrielle can be contacted through the Horsenecks website.

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