19 February 2019

Clara Delfina and Haakon Oyen (USA) available for Dublin area, 6/11 June 2019

Haakon Oyen & Clara Delfina

Thanks to old-time and country singer and multi-instrumentalist Clara Delfina from Virginia (who with Haakon Oyen will be performing at this June's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival) for the news that while in Ireland the duo would like to find a gig in the Dublin area on either Thursday 6 June or Tuesday 11 June. If you can offer or suggest a booking for those dates, please contact Clara by e-mail.

Old Time News, the journal of the UK's FOAOTMAD, says: 'You can hear the authentic old-time musical heritage in Clara Delfina’s playing and singing... Clara is an inspiringly traditional artist and yet also fashionably creative.' Haakon, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and buck dancer from North Carolina. is a member of Clara's Broken Barrel Stringband, whose dynamic album Mayday was released last May and can be heard here. More biographical detail, together with links to websites, Facebook, and YouTube, are on their electronic press kit.

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