15 February 2019

A mystery solved

Many thanks to Tim (surname unknown) for solving a mystery that's been with the BIB for twenty months. In May 2017 Jim Purtell in the USA wrote in, asking whether anyone could locate a mural he had seen on the side of a pub somewhere in Co. Cork, based on the cover art (left) of the album Old & in the way - the name of one of the songs and also of the band, composed of Jerry Garcia (banjo), Vassar Clements (fiddle), David Grisman (mandolin, vocals), John Kahn (bass), and Peter Rowan (guitar, vocals).

Tim writes:

I first saw this mural back in 1996 whilst on a family holiday when I was about 15, so it's been there a while. We were just driving past and didn't get a chance to go in, but on a cycling trip in 2005, made a point to go and check it out and grab a pint of the black stuff! It was a really lovely rustic pub back then and has since been scrubbed up a bit...

It's called Vincent Coughlan Bar & Restaurant and is in Ballydehob, Co. Cork. Found some pics here. Have a great day!

Thanks again, Tim; we're delighted to have this information. BIB readers can find the best view of the mural near the end of the bar's photo gallery - it reproduces just the figures of the musicians, without the background or lettering of the original artwork. In 2009 (Google Street View) the words 'MURPHY's IRISH STOUT' appeared round the figures. See the BIB for 30 May 2017 for links to more about the album and band.

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