31 January 2019

Thom Moore celebrated in Sligo, 1 Feb. 2019

The BIB editor writes:

The Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligo, announces for tomorrow night (Friday 1 Feb. 2019) 'The Thom Moore songbook', a celebration of the songwriter Thom Moore, who died last year and (to quote the theatre) 'had Sligo inextricably woven into his work, his songs, and his heart'. Many musicians will be taking part.

The show starts at 8.00 p.m.; tickets are €25 (€12.50 under-18s), and can be booked online or by 'phone (071 9161518). Those who remember the music of Pumpkinhead and Midnight Well, with their fusion of Irish and American traditions through Thom Moore's outstanding songwriting, will be particularly interested.

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