02 January 2019

The no. 1 bluegrass song of 2018 - from Sideline (USA)

Thanks to Bluegrass Today for the news that the number one bluegrass song of 2018, as reflected by radio play over the whole year, is 'Thunder Dan', the Josh Manning song recorded on the Mountain Home label by Sideline - the band that the Mygrassisblue.com agency will be bringing to Ireland in July 2019. Dave Byrne senior and junior are the team behind this driving new agency.

The official video for 'Thunder Dan' can be seen and heard on YouTube. Bluegrass Today's list of the top 30 for the year was compiled from the fifty-two weekly BT airplay charts. Number 3 on the list is 'Bend in the road' from Chris Jones & the Night Drivers, who were here in the cold part of spring 2018; and number 4 is 'Way down the river road' from the Special Consensus, who will begin their 2019 tour here two weeks from now. See the rest of the list here.

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