19 January 2019

Mygrassisblue.com, the Special C., and more

Thanks to Dave Byrne jr and the rest of the mygrassisblue.com team for this link to the report of Thursday night's show in Dun Laoghaire by the Special Consensus (USA) on mygrassisblue.com's own (and very attractive) blog. The report includes four photos - taken from the front row - of the band on stage, and one of its leader Greg Cahill at the merchandise table in the Pavilion's foyer. Dave writes:

I was reminded throughout the performance [...] why we started this little endeavour of ours [mygrassisblue.com] in the first place. We would love more of this kind of awesomeness in Ireland. Yes please.

Visitors to the mygrassisblue.com website should treat themselves to a look through its photo gallery, comprising many photos taken in the course of visits to the States - images of bluegrass people and the world around them that are good as one will find anywhere.

Update 22 Jan.: Much more of Dave jr's photography, of all kinds of subjects in many countries throughout the world, can be viewed on his own website.

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