11 January 2019

Mygrassisblue.com featured on Bluegrass Today - and more (Updates)

'Credit mygrassisblue.com with igniting an interest in bluegrass on the Emerald Isle' are the opening words of Lee Zimmerman's latest 'Bluegrass beyond borders' feature on Bluegrass Today.

The mygrassisblue.com team (Dave Byrne senior, Dave Byrne junior, Lorraine Gannon-Byrne, and Siobhán Barry (née Byrne)) are the last people to make such a claim themselves; indeed, they give credit later in the feature to artists and promoters who have previously worked to build up the scene in this island.

Nonetheless, the range of their contacts and their aim to provide 'an all-inclusive one-stop service for visiting bands and artists' should play a forced draught on the fire that's already lit. If the result is a blaze of support for bluegrass over here, mygrassisblue.com will deserve all our thanks.
Lee Zimmerman also has a new article, 'Sam Bush, revived again' on the Bitter Southerner online magazine. It focuses on the release of the documentary film Revival: the Sam Bush story on Amazon. Trailers can be seen in the article, on the film's website, and on YouTube.

Update 12 Jan.: The BIB welcomes and draws attention to Denis McCarthy's comment, below. The opening sentence above was quoted as a hint of what to expect - certainly not because we agree with it. As BIB readers know, annual bluegrass festivals have been held in this island since 1991, and were possible because bluegrass and old-time music have been played here since the 1960s, if not earlier.

Further update: See also Dave Byrne jr's response to Denis.

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At 11:41 am, Blogger Denis McCarthy said...

An interest in bluegrass was ignited long before this organisation was conceived, and probably before some of the personnel involved were born. We've been treated to performances by Doc and Merle Watson, Bill Monroe, Dan Crary, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck and numerous others for more than thirty years. The establishment of the new agency is a most welcome development, but credit must be given to those enthusiasts, including John Nyhan, who cater very well for the demands of our small but fervent community.

At 4:12 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Hear, hear, Denis.

As part the small but fervent community you speak of, we're well aware of those who have worked tirelessly for decades on bluegrass promotion in Ireland (and we’re even more appreciative now of their efforts than we were before we embarked on this crusade). We’re just passionate about the music to the point of giving this a go, come what may, and we’re trying to complement present offerings, not replace them.

And if the aforementioned community is as supportive of our endeavours as has John, who we’re happy to be working with to get Kristy Cox to the Cork region, then there is no doubt exciting times ahead for all us bluegrass fans in Ireland.

We hope to see you at a gig later this year!

Dave Jnr.


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