10 January 2019

Mules & Men: warming up in a warmer climate

Mules & Men (the link is to their handsome new website) send New Year greetings on their Facebook and report that they have

jetted off to Morocco for some band bonding and team building in preparation for our big gigs [...] Just checking in to let you know we are getting along really well and are cementing our solid friendships. As-salāmu ʿalaykum — at Maroc Casablanca.

The big gigs are at Temple Bar TradFest (19 Jan.; not yet shown on the festival website) and their headliner at the Bello Bar, 1 Portobello Harbour, Dublin 8, on 1 Feb. (ticket discounted here).

Update 15 Jan.: The date 19 Jan. was shown in error; the correct date is Fri. 25 Jan., the time is 11.20 p.m., and the venue is the Old Storehouse, Crown Alley, Dublin 2.

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