15 January 2019

Cooking, bluegrass style

The Bitter Southerner online magazine has just published an article by Jennifer Justus on cooking at home, with special reference to recipes published by (or attributed to) Tammy Wynette and other prominent women of country music.

The BIB wishes to draw attention to The Bluegrass Music Cookbook by Penny Parsons, Jim Clark, and Ken Beck, published in 1997 but still available and unrivalled in its field. It holds a generous 375 recipes (three from Jackie and Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus), AND Parsons' data on the 180 bluegrass people who contributed recipes make it a valuable Who's who of the US scene at the time it was published: Alison Krauss is named on the back cover as 'one of the brightest young stars in bluegrass'.

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