14 January 2019

Comments on the BIB

The BIB editor writes:

For some time now the headnote to this blog has included the words: 'Send in news or queries by e-mail, please; we can't send a direct reply to a comment on a post.' Nonetheless, queries keep arriving in this form. The latest, from 'Trigger' (the only identification) inquires about the dates for this year's Omagh bluegrass festival.

First of all, my apologies for having put 'Omagh 2019' in the title of a post, when it should have read 'Omagh 2018'; this is now corrected. The dates for this year's festival (Fri. 30th Aug.-Sun. 1st Sept. 2019) have been on the blog calendar since early December 2018, and they can also be seen in the right-hand column of the blog, where there's a list of major events of 2019. So -
  • Please e-mail me if you have a query; there are three links already on the front page of the blog where you can do so, and now here's another one; and
  • If you're looking for information, please make sure that that information isn't already on the blog.
In response to the other comment received today, anonymous abusive comments about anyone will not be published.



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