11 January 2019

Choose your words carefully

Thanks to Steve Scully of Country Music Fan Prod. for this announcement:

We are Country Music Fan Prod., and we OWN the copyright for the anthem 'Country Music Fan' (ASCAP) written for ALL the fans young & old & in between. It begins 'I'll always be a Country Music Fan, it's the only music that I understand.'

We also OWN the trademark for the phrase 'Country Music Fan' (CMF) and the brand logo (red, white & blue) for merchandise.

So if you happen to be a fan of country music, the BIB considers it may be prudent to avoid using the C word, the F word, and the M word in the order in which they appear in the trademark - it might constitute an infringement of copyright. Thank heaven we're bluegrass fans; no one can dispute our right to be called BFs.

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