23 January 2019

Bill Frisell Trio at the NCH, 21 Feb. 2019

The National Concert Hall in Dublin announces its February 2019 schedule, which includes a concert by Bill Frisell and his Trio on Thursday 21 February. The NCH writes:

Baltimore born jazz guitarist Bill Frisell has created a sound his own and his own place in music. Although steeped in the jazz tradition, his music includes shades of rock, country and bluegrass [emphasis added by the BIB], among various other styles. His lyrical melodies combined with a unique sound, make him one of the most singular musicians of his generation. One of the most acclaimed guitarists in contemporary music, he has just released the solo album Music is which reached Number 1 in the Billboard Jazz Charts.

He comes to Dublin with his estimable trio - Tony Scheer on bass & Kenny Wollesen on drums - and a wealth of songs from a stellar career.

You can hear his version of 'Wildwood flower' here, from his album The best of Bill Frisell, vol. 1: folk songs. The album has guest musicians such as Jerry Douglas (dobro) and on banjo Danny Barnes, who interviewed Frisell for Fretboard Journal.

Bill Frisell can be heard playing with the meta-folk musician Sam Amidon (clawhammer banjo) on 'Walkin' boss', a traditional song recorded by Clarence Ashley, Jerry Garcia, and Niall Toner, among others. Tickets for the NCH concert can be bought here.

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