20 December 2018

Tristan Scroggins reports on Bluegrass Jamboree 2018

Bluegrass Jamboree concert finale: from far right, Tristan Scroggins, 
Rainer Zellner, Jeff Scroggins (photo: Paolo Dettwiler)

Rainer Zellner's 10th Bluegrass Jamboree (see the BIB for 3 Oct.) began its tour of central Europe on 22 Nov. and ended last Saturday (15 Dec.). Jeff Scroggins & Colorado were at the top of the bill, and Tristan Scroggins has just had published on Bluegrass Today his second and final report on the Jamboree, with plenty of detail about the acts, the tour experience, the towns visited and the shows, together with several photos and links to more information.

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