18 December 2018

Christmas greetings from Deering and Gold Tone

The Deering Banjo Company (above) wish the world a Merry Christmas with a special post on the Deering blog. It includes two videos by the Deering family: Greg Deering, founder of the company; Janet Deering, his wife; and Jamie Deering, their daughter. In the first video Greg reviews the year 2018, and in the second the family trio sing 'Christmas is coming' as a round.

In both, Greg plays a Deering long-neck banjo in the up-picking style made popular by Pete Seeger; so at the end of the post there's a link to a 2013 article, 'The extreme versatility of the long neck banjo' by Barry Hunn, headed by a striking photo of Pete Seeger playing out of doors. Can anyone identify the other long-neck player in the photo?

Among the comments that follow this article, there are two substantial contributions by Pat Kelleher of Dripsey, Co. Cork, who gives workshops in the use of the long-neck banjo at the annual Banjo Events presented by the UK's Eagle Music Shop.

Update 25 Dec.: The Gold Tone Music Group also send Christmas greetings with a video (also on YouTube) of 'Jingle bells' accompanied by Gold Tone instruments, including the F-6 mando-guitar.

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