28 December 2018

BBN no. 85; some Irish resonances

The latest issue (no. 85, winter 2018) of British Bluegrass News (BBN), the quarterly magazine of the British Bluegrass Music Association (BBMA), is out; and as always it's a model of what the journal of a national bluegrass association should be, produced to professional standards and with plenty of content that has a far wider appeal.

Items with a special resonance for fans in Ireland include a full-page 'Meet the bands' feature on Navan's seven-piece Pilgrim St; a mention (and photo) of 'Mr Long Neck Banjo', Pat Kelleher; and a three-page article by Paul Brewer of the New Essex Bluegrass Band, who are retiring after nearly a quarter-century of playing hard-core bluegrass. Paul's account of the band's career includes their 'wonderful trip to headline the Athy Bluegrass Festival in Ireland' (2014).

Addendum 30 Dec.: Among the many other good things in this issue, two features should be widely useful - the article 'Life hacks for musicians' by Ondra Kozak (CZ), with tips on hardware, software, books, gadgets, and general good advice for playing at professional level; and Leon Hunt's book The banjo columns, reviewed in BBN by Trevor Hyett.

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