03 December 2018

Alecia Nugent (USA) to headline 4th Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree

Thanks to Tony O'Brien for the news (also on the Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree Facebook) that the headline act at the 4th Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree (12-13 July 2019) will be Alecia Nugent (above) and band. This is a coup for the Jamboree: Alecia Nugent has won the Female Vocalist of the Year (Traditional) award several times from the Society for the Preservation of Blue Grass Music in America (SPBGMA), and John Lawless on Bluegrass Today has written about her:

Pure and powerful, Alecia has a wide range and a lovely voice. She brings passion and sincerity to every song she sings.

Tony's Facebook post includes a video (also on YouTube) of Alecia on stage in 2010, belting out 'Hillbilly goddess', the title track of her third Rounder album. Also prominent in the video: Ashby Frank, over here some years ago as mandolin player in Special Consensus.

Tony adds that Alecia and her band will also be topping the bill at next year's Ardara Bluegrass Festival in Co. Donegal, and that the full lineup for the 4th Woodbine Bluegrass Jamboree will be released shortly. The Ardara festival will most likely be held a week after the Jamboree.

Update 4 Dec.: Thanks to Tony for the further news that a tour by Alecia Nugent and her band is being organised by Pat McGill of the Ardara festival. Details will appear on the BIB directly after we receive them.

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