28 December 2018

A great year for the Dublin Bluegrass Collective Jam

Aran Sheehan reports on a bumper year for the weekly Dublin Bluegrass Jam:

Thanks for sharing Niall Tonerโ€™s positive report of his experience with the Dublin Bluegrass Collective-hosted weekly session in Dublin [see the BIB for 21 Dec.], which was very much complimented by his attendance and also the Mules & Men, who were also there with a full lineup. This made for a fantastic finale session of 2018, which has been a really great year, with so many guest musicians of incredible talent from every corner of the world. We have all been inspired by these musicians in so many ways, whether it be technical brilliance, incredible presence, new approaches to material we thought we knew very well, or indeed just new material that we may not have come across yet.

I have kind of lost count, to be honest, but I do know that just since July 2018 to end of year we have had over six bands/ duets/ holiday pickers from the USA alone, which actually means in the region of 20-30 individuals from across the pond and of course plenty of amazing local talent like the aforementioned year finale session. I know I will think of a few the minute I press 'send' on this e-mail, but some guest musician highlights just since July: Jeff Scroggins and Greg Blake, Jimmy Marsh & the Bluegrass Journeymen (all Colorado I ๐Ÿค” think), Midnight Run Band, Ken & Deborah Orban, Rudi Ekstein (brilliant mandolinist with instrument befitting) and separately but also from Tennessee, multi-instrumentalist Randy Pasley! This is by no means the full list and Iโ€™m only going back half the year. So a massive thank you ๐Ÿ™ to all the great folks who have joined us for a pick, to those mentioned, the many people I didnโ€™t name, and an especially humongous Thank You to all you local pickers who come to nearly every session throughout the year and without whom Bluegrass Tuesdays in Sin ร‰ would not exist - you know who you are. Cheers, folks ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ™!

For anyone learning how to play bluegrass, how the etiquette of a jam works (globally) and all the other things that are involved in this music, please feel free to come check it out; and if you already know how to back up in time, key, volume sensitivity and tuned correctly, jump in and have a pick! If you are looking for a teacher in the Dublin area or beyond, we probably have someone right there to help you out or we can recommend a great teacher nearer to you, so donโ€™t be shy, just ask.

If you wish to book the Dublin Bluegrass Collective band in 2019, just call Aran on +353-(0)85-7110826 and we can see if a plan can be hatched together.

The first Tuesday session of 2019 is 8 January, so until then we wish you all a fantastic year of musical adventures ahead.

Lots of love & G runs,
Aran & the Dublin Bluegrass Collective

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