09 November 2018

New FOAOTMAD website to launch on Monday

Following on from the BIB post of 26 Oct., the FOAOTMAD committee announce on their news blog that the new FOAOTMAD website will replace the old faulty site from this coming Monday, 12 Nov., with no change of address. The committee add:

A lot of people have been involved in preparing material for the new site. The site has been developed and compiled by a new member to the FOAOTMAD committee, Tim Mason, who has joined us as our webmaster.

We have ideas that will enable the site to grow and give us more benefits in the future. So to keep up to date with developments make sure you are signed up to the email and blog. Existing members of the blog will automatically transfer to the new system.

Some minor technical issues are foreseen, particularly for users with Apple devices and the Safari browser (the BIB has both). FOAOTMAD are evaluating potential fixes, and in applying them the new site may be briefly unavailable.

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