15 October 2018

The DBC, milestones, and US guests

The BIB editor writes:

Belated but sincere thanks to the members of the Dublin Bluegrass Collective (to those shown above, and more) for marking a recent significant birthday of mine with a picking party - and especially to Simon Humphries (co-organiser of Bluegrass Camp Ireland) for organising and hosting the event. Carol and I greatly appreciate it. (Historical note: when Bill Monroe passed the same milestone, he was jamming on stage shortly after having a triple heart bypass. As in most things, he set a high standard.)

The DBC's regular jam in Sin E on Ormond Quay last week was especially high-powered, with Midnight Run pitching in on their last night before returning to the USA. Photos and videos from their tour of these islands can be seen on their Facebook; the one on the right, showing Seth Mulder in front of Lissan House, Co. Tyrone, the venue for their last show in Ireland, is one of several taken there.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 16 Oct.) another US guest from the bluegrass heartland will be at Sin E for the jam: multi-instrumentalist Randy Pasley (left) from North Carolina. Randy is looking forward to meeting everyone taking part.

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