04 October 2018

Bluegrass Unlimited, Oct. 2018

Among the many good things in the October 2018 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine (BU), the review section includes a review by Steve Goldfield of the album I can hear you calling from Anna Falkenau and Lena Ullman. It's a little misleading about where they come from, but concludes: 'Both musicians play impeccably and with a lot of feeling... These are two skilled musicians from across the pond who filter everything through their own musical experiences.'

Steve Goldfield also gives a Highlight Review to When the sun comes up, the latest album from the Lonesome Ace Stringband (CAN), who will be touring in Ireland early next year; see the BIB for 25 Aug. Around the same time, the Special Consensus will also be touring here; their latest album Rivers and roads (Compass 4709) is top of the BU charts for October.

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