21 October 2018

A classic from the Bluegrass Babies

It's been nearly six years, but thanks to Caroline Roberts for this latest press release from the Bluegrass Babies:

Coming to you direct from the beautiful misty mountains of North Carolina, is the Bluegrass Babies’ stonking new video of the all-time classic...

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues!

Directed by renowned filmmaker Ursine Welles [left] and shot in situ amongst the glorious flora and fauna of Blue Ridge Parkway, the Babies pull out all the stops with their dynamic, foot-stomping arrangement. Flo’s fiddle playing lifts the roof, Mo’s mando picking is finger-licking fine, and Bo’s guitar just rings with that hum-dinging rhythm that gets feet a-tap-tap-tapping.

The band flew into Little Asheville Airport last week at the end of an extensive European tour. Sadly the local AFM refused their usual troupe, the Toy Box Singers, a performing licence, insisting that support be drawn exclusively from hometown talent. Happily, though, a veritable host of artistes came forward and a star-studded cast of singers, dancers, and backup musicians was put together.

Said band spokesbaby Bo: 'We were thrilled to sign up multi-platinum-selling Big Bru Brewster for lead vocals, together with some cutting-edge troupes such as the Skunky Bottom Boys and the Possumettes, not to mention the Misty Mountain Minstrels who boast a BIBMA-winning banjo player.

'All in all, it’s been a long wait... but... put on your dancing shoes, hold onto your hats, and get ready to rock-a-bye baby to those big blue mountain blues!'

Yes, the Bluegrass Babies are back and on fire. Next stop – Kentucky!

BIB editor's note: Bru Brewster, like every other distinguished artist who has recorded this classic, introduces his own variations in the text. No disrespect to the Minstrels' banjo-player (though his instrument should have been much higher in the mix), but we can only regret the absence of Wild Woolly Bunton and the characteristic spark and punch he brought to previous Babies' releases. We hope AFM performing rights requirements in Kentucky are less restrictive. Meanwhile enjoy this video - Bo's guitar work is right in the pocket - and look forward to more from the gang in the Blue Grass State. The fully illustrated text of the press release, together with high-quality stills, can be found on Dropbox.



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