20 September 2018

Banjophony, Battersea, Beaconsfield - and Brown County?

The BIB editor writes:

A further step bringing bluegrass and Irish music closer together: Ron Block, banjo- and guitar-player with Alison Krauss & Union Station, and Damien O'Kane, tenor-banjo player from Coleraine and now based in England, have joined forces to produce Banjophony, a fifteen-track album - almost all original material - with over an hour of playing time, which has already received highly positive reviews. More details are on Bluegrass Today, where you can also hear one of the tracks, a Ron Block original - 'Battersea Skillet Liquor', which the composer calls:

A tune with a booted foot on either side of the Atlantic. It is made by mixolydian-ing a cup of G.K. Chesterton with a cup of Gid Tanner; boil down to a syrup and toss it back. It’s good for what ails you.

It's also reminiscent of 'Stoney Lonesome', written by Bill Monroe with Charlie Smith, and named after a town in Brown County, Indiana.

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