01 August 2018

I Draw Slow in Whelan's Trad & Folk Festival 2018

Dublin's I Draw Slow (who played a sold-out last concert of their summer US tour last Sunday in Colorado) are scheduled to play at Whelan's of Wexford St., Dublin 2, on this coming Saturday (4 Aug.) as part of Whelan's Trad & Folk Festival 2018, which will last four days in all (2-5 Aug.); all events are free. Over twenty acts on three stages will be appearing, some of which have yet to be announced; so keep an eye on the Whelan's website.

I Draw Slow's return from Colorado to Dublin will be broken in La Roche-sur-Foron, France, where they will be performing tomorrow (2 Aug.), the second day of the great free-admission La Roche Bluegrass Festival.

In two weeks' time (17-19 Aug.) Whelan's will be holding this year's Dublin Blues, Roots, & Brass Festival, in which Mules & Men will be taking part.

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