07 June 2018

Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips (photo: Marcia Goodman)

The BIB learns with great regret of the death of Stacy Phillips (73), performer, teacher, and prolific writer on the dobro and fiddle in American traditional music, bluegrass, and a range of other genres. From the urban north-eastern USA like such banjoists as Pete Wernick and Tony Trischka, he also (like them) was not only a master of the instruments but an expert, industrious, scholarly, and humorous communicator of knowledge about them.

More details are on his website and on Bluegrass Today.

Update 10 June: See these details of memorial celebrations today, as shown on Bluegrass Today.

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At 8:03 am, Blogger Colin Henry said...

Without Stacy Phillips I wouldn't even know how to tune a dobro!


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