05 May 2018

Traction for the Bühl Bluegrass Festival (updates and correction)

Further to the BIB post of last Monday about the 16th International Bühl Bluegrass Festival next Friday and Saturday (11-12 May) - thanks to our good friend Walter Fuchs for the press photo above, taken to mark the festival launch. Those present include Walter (extreme right) and his son Patrick (second from left, in light blue), the present festival director. The big John Deere tractor represents sponsorship by the Josef Oechsle firm - very appropriate for a bluegrass festival, in view of Larry Sparks's 2002 hit recording of 'John Deere tractor'.

[See Roger Green's much appreciated comment below, correcting the date of the recording.]

The festival's Facebook now has at its head the photo below, showing Peter Rowan backed by our Italian friends Red Wine. Update: see this feature by Richard Thompson on the long connection between Peter Rowan and Red Wine, and their upcoming tour, on Bluegrass Today.

Update 22 May: We're delighted to hear from Walter that the 2018 Bühl Festival was an outstanding success, with both concerts sold out and press reports more enthusiastic than ever.

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At 1:17 pm, Anonymous Roger Green said...

I was surprised at the date attributed to John Deere Tractor by Larry Sparks. Seems Ive known that song from before 2002. So just had to look it up. The CD version was released in 2002. The vinyl was released in 1980. Just a little trivia for those that value such things. Keep up the good work, Richard. Always enjoy the blog.

At 2:39 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Thanks, Roger - I do get careless now and then, and corrections are always valued.

BIB editor


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