11 May 2018

Old-time music in the Celtic Fringe

Judging by the news blog issued by FOAOTMAD, the UK organisation promoting American old-time music and dance, Cornwall is becoming a hotbed of old-time.

There is an Old Time Music Cornwall website, giving details and links to (among others) the two events mentioned in yesterday's FOAOTMAD blog: the first Ghost Hill American Old Time Picking & Fiddling Weekend (18-20 May) and the Alsia Fest nine weeks later (12-16 July), both in west Cornwall and near the sea.

FOAOTMAD says the latter is 'primarily old time music but with a healthy slice of Americana music on the side'. The Alsia Fest Facebook says: 'We play mainly old time (everything from Skillet Lickers to Holy Modal Rounders). There is also a separate Bluegrass & Americana marquee which is hosted by Flats & Sharps...'

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