24 May 2018

News of previous Omagh stars

As announced on the BIB on 10 Aug. last year, Dale Ann Bradley, headliner at the 2017 Bluegrass Music Festival at Omagh, Co. Tyrone, and more than one previous Omagh festival, was inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame two weeks ago (11 May 2018). She joins a distinguished company of musicians in bluegrass and other fields who have previously been inducted.
Mark Schatz has often performed for audiences at Omagh and elsewhere in this island, most recently early this year as bassist in the Greg Blake Band tour (with dancing, 'hambone', and clawhammer banjo thrown in). His wife Eileen Carson was here in 2011 as leader of the magnificent Footworks dance team at that year's Omagh festival. The two of them appear in the photo below.

John Lawless now reports on Bluegrass Today that Eileen has been diagnosed with an aggressive pancreatic cancer, which will mean both large medical expenses and loss of performing income for both of them. Friends have set up a GoFundMe site with a target of $50,000, of which over $21,000 has so far been donated. John Lawless adds:

If you have enjoyed the music and the movement these two have provided over the last 40 years, and are in a position to help, donations can be accepted online. The Schatzes will also be grateful for your prayers and well wishes. Mark can be reached via his web site.

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