21 May 2018

Franklin George - and Alec Somerville

Following the BIB post of 19 May, Alec Somerville (left) writes:

Your blog story re Frank George intrigues me, because I met him at Clifftop twenty or more years ago, but as you know, I don't have a 'thick Irish accent' (yet). I remember a young man, I think his grandson, was Irish dancing in the big building, and Frank George's wife was there as well, and some others. I had heard him from the Cedar Creek Stringband, and so got introduced. The other Cedar Creek veteran I met later was David O'Dell, who played with some of the Bing Brothers and one of the Blizards at a small festival in Donegal since I came to live here. Great musicians, all of 'em...

Alec adds:

I am 'appearing' in concert at the Dalbeattie Acoustic Club, Maxwell Arms, Dalbeattie, Scotland, at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 25th, for any local blog-readers who are wondering what to do Friday evening...

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