12 May 2018

Blue Sky Boys 4-CD set on Patuxent (correction)

Following the BIB post of 3 April on the news of Dick Spottswood's new book on Bill and Earl Bolick, the Blue Sky Boys - Tom Mindte's Patuxent Music record label has released a 4-CD set comprising 128 tracks of radio broadcasts by the Blue Sky Boys during 1939-49, a period of great changes in country music during which the Bolicks held fast to older styles and values.

Dick Spottswood's notes on the Patuxent website include a quote from Dr Ralph Stanley, showing how important the Blue Sky Boys were to him and his brother Carter. The 4-CD set can be bought for $23.50, or as a download for $19.99. The cover photo above shows the brothers with fiddler Curly Parker. More details are in Richard Thompson's feature on Bluegrass Today.

CORRECTION: This post was originally published with the Bluegrass Today feature ascribed to John Lawless. Apologies to its author, Richard Thompson.

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