23 April 2018

Si Kahn and Joe Jencks celebrate forgotten heroes

Today is not just St George's day and Shakespeare's birthday - it's the 74th birthday of Si Kahn (USA), singer, songwriter, and political/ social activist. To mark the occasion, he announces The forgotten, a new album of fourteen songs he's composed over a long period but never recorded, sung by Chicago-based Joe Jencks, who describes the album as

... filled with authentic heroes, from the mill towns of the upper Midwest and New England to the cotton fields of the South. The songs sing of individual courage, collective struggle, loss and triumph, of people who brought new ideas about equality, justice, and freedom into our consciousness. They contain gritty truths about lives spent in steel mills, auto plants, classrooms, coal mines and cotton mills, stories about people who gave their all to the great movements of our time, who in the face of racial inequity and mass violence are still working for a just world.

More information and means for supporting the project are on Indiegogo.

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