12 April 2018

Bluegrass discography

The BIB editor writes:

Another link is being added to the list in the BIB's right-hand column, thanks to Walter V. Saunders and his 'Notes & queries' pages in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine; this month he mentions 'Charley Pennell's comprehensive bluegrass discography (a website I refer to often)'.

The website 'Bluegrass discography' is here. As explained on the home page, it is 'maintained by Charley Pennell in Cary, NC, with an awful lot of technical help from his sons, Ben & Daniel, and content help from Tom Payne, John Boothroyd, Dave Freeman, Frank Godbey, Donald Wermuth, Willem Agenant, C.P. Heaton, Tony Fuld, Thieu van de Vorst, and YOU.'

The graphic design is by David Lynch of Asheville, NC; the site was launched just over twenty-two years ago (24 March 1996) and was last updated two days ago (10 April 2018). The Discography also has a Facebook, from which the image above is taken.

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