02 April 2018

An Irish contribution to the new IBMM?

Thanks again to Deborah Fillman of the International Bluegrass Music Museum and Hall of Fame (IBMM) located in Owensboro, Kentucky, for exciting news. As previously announced, this coming autumn the IBMM will complete construction on a $15-million, state-of-the-art museum dedicated solely to the preservation and history of bluegrass music.

The Grand Opening for the new centre has now been scheduled for the three days 18-20 October 2018. Details will be announced in due course. The IBMM has always placed a strong emphasis on the 'International' in its title, so bluegrass supporters from outside the USA will be welcome.

Individuals, companies, associations, industry, and other donors who wish to contribute to the new IBMM can do so through the Museum's website. The simplest and most direct way for an individual is through this link. Another option, under the title 'Take Your Seat!', allows the donor's name or that of their organisation to be engraved on a permanent brass plate on a seat in the IBMM theatre. The price tag on this is $1,000.

Think of the possibilities: if a hundred supporters of the music in this island were each to put in ten dollars, there could be a plate in the IBMM theatre with an inscription commemorating Ireland's support. Or (another option) it might commemorate the late Rodney McElrea of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, one of whose many achievements was to ensure that Charlie Poole had a proper memorial. The BIB editor would be glad to learn, through e-mail, how readers feel about this.

Update 4 Apr.: See this feature on Bluegrass Today by John Curtis Goad on the new IBMM.

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