11 April 2018

A good time was had by all (update)

Thanks to East of Monroe's Facebook for this atmospheric picture of the jam last night at at Sin É, Ormond Quay, Dublin, at which they were guests of honour - a very enjoyable night for everyone taking part. No poll was taken of audience reactions, but the house did seem specially full...

PS: The picture above will be clearer if you click on it to enlarge it. A colour shot from a similar angle is on the Dublin Bluegrass Facebook.

PPS: The second major instalment of East of Monroe's travel stories can now be read on Bluegrass Today and also on their own Facebook. On the subject of Tuesday night they write:

Jamming with so many talented Irish musicians was a definite highlight of our trip so far. We had a fabulous time swapping tunes, instruments, and stories with folks of all ages and backgrounds. Bluegrass is certainly alive and well here in Dublin!

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