14 April 2018

2nd Old-Time Gathering planned for 22-24 Feb. 2019

The First Annual Irish Old Time Appalachian Music Gathering (16-18 Feb.) was such an enjoyable event that it's good to hear that Andrew Lambert in Clare and Bob Denton have already begun work on the second Gathering. It will again be held one week after the FOAOTMAD's Gainsborough old-time festival in England, which is scheduled for a week later than usual in 2019; so the next Gathering will be held on the last weekend in February, Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th. Details will be announced in due course on the Irish Old Time Facebook.

The photo at top shows (l-r) 'Mr Keith', Gid Tanner, A.A. Gray, and Henry West on Lookout Mountain, TN.



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