15 March 2018

Rivers and roads: new CD from the Special C. (updates)

Compass Records announce that Rivers and roads, the latest album from the Special Consensus, will be released on 30 March 2018. Greg Cahill (banjo, vocals), Rick Faris (guitar, vocals), Nick Dumas (mandolin, vocals) and Dan Eubanks (bass, vocals) are joined on the recording by a constellation of guests: Bobby Osborne, Molly Tuttle, Becky Buller, 10 String Symphony, John Hartford, Mark Schatz, Alison Brown, and Justin Moses.

John Hartford? Yes: Hartford wrote the opening song, 'Down the river road', which you can hear the Special C. play on YouTube (and read the lyrics); you can watch Mark Schatz, former member of the John Hartford String Band, dance to it; and thanks to recording technology, we'll be able to hear John Hartford play fiddle on 'Squirrel hunters'.

The CD will be available from Compass Records, from the Special C.'s website, and from all regular outlets; and early in 2019 we'll be able to buy it from the band in person on their next tour of Ireland - preparations for which are already well advanced, thanks to Nigel Martyn and his Old Flattop agency.

Update 17 Mar.: On 'Down the river road', Greg is playing the new Deering 'Julia Belle' low-pitch banjo: see here. A warm commendation of the banjo by Greg (he is getting one for himself) appears on the Deering Banjos blog.

Update 21 Mar.: The new album is now available on Airplay Direct.

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