26 March 2018

Old-time jam resources from Tennessee via Reading

FOAOTMAD, the UK organisation promoting American old-time music and dance, publishes today on its news blog a post about the monthly old-time session in Reading, England.

The session, hosted by Stu Weetman and Colm Daly, makes use of two valuable resources put on the internet by the pickers who take part in the weekly jams in Pegram, TN: a guide to jam etiquette (applicable to bluegrass as well as old-time) and comprehensive lists of over 450 tunes, mostly old-time but with some of bluegrass*, Celtic, and other origins, together with a downloadable 78-page book of chord charts for all these tunes.

*Pegram jam participants include distinguished bluegrassers such as Roland White and Alan O'Bryant.

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