21 March 2018

More than just Henhouse Prowlers

If you saw and heard the Henhouse Prowlers (USA) on their recent brief visit as part of a European tour, you may have heard about their Bluegrass Ambassadors scheme. The Prowlers are among the most widely travelled of bluegrass bands, and they have made their travels a mission to educate and inspire through cultural exchange and educational programmes. The core values of the project, as shown on the website, are:
  • Education should be available to people of all economic backgrounds.
  • Music binds us all together as a species.
  • Cross cultural collaborations definitively break down misconceptions and misunderstandings between people of all persuasions.
  • Diplomacy isn't just for diplomats. We've seen first hand how simple conversations between the people of different cultures fosters understanding and empathy.
Read more about Bluegrass Ambassadors on the website or on this Bluegrass Today feature by John Lawless.

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