07 March 2018

Moira Toner, RIP

The BIB editor writes:

Moira, wife of Niall Toner for over forty years, died yesterday afternoon (6 Mar.) in hospital in Dublin. The news is less sad only because Moira died (in Niall's words) 'peacefully and beautifully' after a long period of suffering. My wife Carol and I send our deepest condolences to Niall and their family; we're sure many people in many countries will be doing the same. In Carol's words:

Over the years Moira supported and travelled with Niall to many of his gigs far and wide. She was always so proud of Niall, and devoted to her family. She was always so generous and hospitable to their wide circle of friends near and far.

Thanks to Dick Gladney for his comment below and the photo above. Funeral arrangements will appear here as soon as we learn of them. Rest in peace, Moira.


Update: A celebration of Moira's life will take place on Monday 12 March at 2.00 p.m. in the Victorian Chapel, Mount Jerome, Dublin, followed by cremation. Arrangements are in the hands of Brian McElroy Funeral Directors (I.A.F.D.), Crumlin. The death notice states: 'No flowers please. Donations, if desired, to Breast Cancer Ireland.'



At 3:24 pm, Blogger Dick Gladney said...

A lovely quiet, warm lady who has been in the background of Niall's music for a life time. A friend of ours for the past 30 years or more who we'll miss every second of every day. Words are inadequate, suffice to say, we loved you, Moira. Tricia and I will always miss you.

At 4:55 pm, Anonymous Charlie Cooper said...

I have tried eight times to write this post. I can't find the words to describe how sad I am to hear of the passing of Moira. For those who knew Moira they knew she was an absolute lady. A lady who devoted her life to her beautiful family and Niall. She was also part of a larger family the Irish bluegrass family. Moira was a regular at many shows and had a love for Bluegrass music and also appeared to support Niall and his band. I can still see her from the stage in the Harcourt Hotel when I close my eyes.I was only a teenager when I joined the Niall Toner Band and I was made part of the family by Niall and Moira. My heart is heavy today hearing this news. Thank you Moira for making me part of your family, I will never forget your kindness and smile."I would throw away my gold and my silver, I would burn these bridges to the ground I would walk through the fiery burning ambers I would die just to make you understand" (I know you loved that song written by Niall Moira) we love and miss you Moira and we will see you again.

Niall I am speechless my friend.
Charlie Cooper.

At 3:51 pm, Anonymous charliecooper81@gmail.com said...

Dear Richard.
I hope you are well and still dominating the banjo scene in Ireland. Richard may I ask you as a favour to edit my post regarding the late Moira Toner. My wording was incorrect when I said Moira "appeared to support Niall and his band". What I meant to say is Moira would make regular appearances to support Niall and his band. If you can correct my wording I would be very grateful. Thank you Richard.

At 5:32 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

Blogger does not allow comments to be altered once published, so Charlie has asked me to make clear that by saying that Moira 'appeared to support Niall and his band', he meant that she made appearances - she would be there, on the spot, supporting him. Thanks again, Charlie, for this moving tribute.

BIB editor

At 8:35 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

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