22 March 2018

John Caulfield: recovering from a stroke

Bill Whelan reports that John Caulfield (above), fiddler in Dublin's Sackville String Band in the late 1970s and since resident in the USA, has recently suffered a stroke and will need prolonged convalescence and continued treatment. A GoFundMe scheme has been set up by his US friends, which has raised in fifteen days $9,146 of the target sum of $10,000. The BIB sends John all good wishes for his recovery. Donations can be made through the GoFundMe website.
Thanks also to Bill for the sad news that singer/ songwriter Thom Moore died on 17 March at the age of 74. He had made important contributions to the music scene here since the '70s, when his bands Pumpkinhead and Midnight Well made a fresh and vital fusion of American and Irish traditions, further enlivened with his own songs. An appreciation from the Irish Times is here.

Update 26 Mar.: The scheme for John Caulfield's benefit has achieved $10,511 in twenty days.

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At 9:17 pm, Anonymous Gabriel said...

Very sorry to hear this about John. Remember him well from his Hobo Junction days in Tailor's Hall.


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