06 February 2018

Picking with one's hero

Many thanks to Colin Henry for the photo above and the story behind it; Colin explains:

I had the great honour and privilege of being invited by Sally Van Meter to play a tune with her and the Greg Blake Band on Saturday night [3 Feb.] at Ardara. She is a very long time hero of mine and a big influence on me and the sound I want to try and get on the dobro.

As you can see from the smile on my face (which is a rarity for me on stage) I was having the time of my dobro life. She is the best of the best, not only as a dobro player but as a person as well. To cap it all we played 'Gold rush' and the tune was kicked off by Blaine Sprouse on the fiddle. I never thought I would have an instrumental kicked off by a Blue Grass Boy and a great one at that!

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