09 January 2018

Celtgrass - the rising wave

We Banjo 3 are preparing for a six-week tour of the USA, beginning on 9 February and playing thirty-one shows extending over the west coast, New England, DC, the Mid West, and the Upper South. The band are offering two free tickets for every single concert on the tour to give away during January. All that's needed is to Like We Banjo 3 on Facebook, then share this post, stating which concert you'd like to attend, and 'tag two banjo-lovin' friends you'd like to bring!'

The band's appeal in the USA is well expressed by Leo Zimmerman's feature on them in Bluegrass Today. David Howley (lead vocals, guitar) is quoted as saying:

We loved the technical brilliance and subtle detail in bluegrass. Seeing players improvise and develop the music without harming its natural origins inspired us. We’re all Irish players by nature, but we knew we could learn a lot from bluegrass. [...] We never wanted to be Irish guys trying to play bluegrass. Rather we took the inspiration from bluegrass and teamed it with our own heritage to create something entirely new, which has now been dubbed as 'Celtgrass'.

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