15 January 2018

Bluegrass news from Europe in a new format

Supporting European Bluegrass and Bluegrass in Europe

As a result of feedback received from readers, the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) has issued the first of its monthly e-newsletters for 2018 in a new format. From now on, the e-newsletter will contain article headlines, with links to the full articles (reviews, etc.) which are on the EBMA website. This reduces the amount readers have to plough through in the mail, allowing them to focus on items of prime interest.

This month's items include EBMA scholarships (BIB readers may remember that two years ago the first of these scholarships went to Evan Lyons from Co. Tipperary and Tabitha Agnew from Co. Armagh); an interview by Richard Thompson of US scholar and picker Lee Bidgood, whose book Czech bluegrass: notes from the heart of Europe was recently published by the University of Illinois Press; an appreciation by Tom Klingl of the dobros, resonator guitars, and other instruments made by Markus Koch in Germany; and an important article 'Do you play? So listen' by the Czech musician Ondra Koz├ík, which includes a list of recommended bluegrass recordings.

You can arrange to receive the newsletter by contacting the EBMA board, without having to be an EBMA member.

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